Bone Conduction Headphones

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Sound Therapy Bone Conduction Program Bone Conduction is a valuable part of Sound Therapy which accesses different parts of the nervous system to enhance your Sound Therapy results. Includes:

  • Sound Therapy Bone Conduction headphone with double adaptor
  • Bone Conduction video coaching program with Rafaele Joudry
  • The video coaching program covers:
    • Understanding bone conduction
    • Why we use bone conduction
    • Integration of pathways
    • How to use the equipment
    • Listening routines
    • Cautionary conditions
    • Anatomy and physiology of bone conduction
    • Nervous system integration
    • Reactions and benefits

Bone Conduction is included as part of the Tri Modal, Deluxe and Family programs. It can also be ordered separately to be used with any program in our range. The Sound Therapy bone conduction program enables combined bone conduction and air conduction with flexible options and volume control. Bone conduction helps to embody the sound more deeply. Bone Conduction takes sound directly into our skeletal structure using vibrators placed on the cheekbones. This can be used alone or in combination with air conduction through one of our standard headphones. When Bone conduction and air conduction are used together, two different neural systems are activated at the same time. Bone conduction helps to automatically focus the attention on sounds, making listening easier. In addition, our vestibular system is stimulated, improving our balance, coordination and body awareness. Emotional healing and physical healing are enhanced as bone conduction is integrated with air conducted sound.


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