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Our most complete cognitive package includes 9 hour training  DVD or USB + 2018 Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum Workbook (teacher workbook) + 2018 Student Workbook

The  Full Day Workshop DVD features 9 hours of Carol Brown’s presentations and teaching on the cognitive development curriculum. View participants learning exercises to increase their processing, working memory, comprehension, and reasoning skills using the Equipping Minds Workbook.

Schools and groups can also purchase the new 2018 Professional Development Workshop which is 9 hours. You can then purchase teacher and student workbooks. Contact Dr. Brown for special pricing on large orders.  Watch this video of a school which has been implementing Equipping Minds.

*USED IN THE RESEARCH STUDY with the Maintaining Brains DVD and a sound therapy unit as well.


Introduction: Equipping Minds, Neuroplasticity and Research Results
Overview of Equipping Minds Workbook
Let’s Match & Extreme Memory
Extreme Tic Tac Toe
Stroop Effect Animals Exercises & Classroom Connection
SET card game
Blink Card Game
Deck of Cards, Qwitch, & Uno Card Games
Spot it Card Game & Classroom Connection
Brown 9 N-Back Presidents, Number & Vowel Hunt, Arrows
Example of an Equipping Minds Session
Foundations for Intelligent Thinking with Aristotle’s Ten Categories to Develop Comprehension and Critical Thinking 2021


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DVD, USB, Online

1 review for Physical Equipping Minds Cognitive Package

  1. Michelle Osborn

    I used this program with my teenage daughter several years ago and it was a Godsend to us. She had been struggling with being able to retain what she was learning and reading. After going through sessions with an amazing therapist, then continuing the program myself with my daughter, we saw an incredible change in her ability to retain what she was learning!

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