Level 2 Equipping Minds Conference 2018 April 12-13


Earn Equipping Minds Level 2 certification.  Registration includes the 2018 Equipping Minds Workbook.Join us in Frankfort, Kentucky or Via Live Stream. Live Stream participants will have access to the sessions for one month


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Learn more about implementing the Equipping Minds Curriculum through Equipping Minds Level 2 Certification.  Registration includes the 2018 Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum. Join us in Frankfort, Kentucky or Via Live Stream. Live Stream participants will have access to the sessions for one month.

Who Should Purchase? The Level 2 Certification class is open to all who are already Level 1 certified.

Why Should I come?

I have been working in the field of education for over 35 years. I have a master’s degree in education, and have accumulated five certifications over the years. Of those, the certification that I prize most highly is my Level 2 Equipping Minds Certification. Equipping Minds is the most powerful and versatile program that I have ever used. It enables me to strengthen specific cognitive functions effectively and efficiently without a dependence on academic ability (required by other programs) that hinders the progress of so many students.

I gained many insights from my Level 2 training. One insight that has proved invaluable in planning each session is the importance of “struggle”. I used to be discouraged when a student struggled, when some exercise seemed harder than I thought it should be, or my student didn’t perform as well as expected. Now, it is that struggle for which I aim. Without struggle there is no progress, no change. If there is no struggle, I have missed the mark entirely and have been ineffective. Thank you for showing me the supreme importance of learning to struggle well!

I also want to thank you for the incredible versatility of Equipping Minds. I can use the same Number Hunt page for my little first grade student and for the gifted college student. With innumerable mutations possible, each page becomes a powerful tool for each student no matter the age or ability level. I have witnessed incredible growth as students learn to not only engage in the struggle of conquering an exercise but to also engage in the creativity of generating a mutation that is harder still. To hear a student say with great enthusiasm, “Do you know what would really be hard…?” is rewarding indeed. In using Equipping Minds I am limited only by my own imagination; it keeps me growing and stretching.

In short, I just want to thank you for this incredible program and the powerful Level 2 training that has revolutionized my educational therapy.

God bless you and God bless this great endeavor,
Mary Trombadore

Registration Details:

April 12-13, 2018 in Frankfort, KY  @ BEST WESTERN PARKSIDE INN CONFERENCE ROOM  80 CHENAULT BRIDGE RD  FRANKFORT, KY 40601    ROOMS: $99 plus tax  or Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Frankfort 40 CHENAULT BRIDGE RD FRANKFORT,KY 40601  ( Next door to the conference site) : ROOMS $109 plus tax

School purchase orders are accepted.


  • Enhancement of Cognitive Exercises
  • Results and Daily Session Plans from Research Study
  • Understanding Cognitive Functions
  • Pre and Post Testing
  • Primitive Reflexes
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Whole Person Wellness and Cognitive Functions:Lifestyle Factors that Impact Brain Health
  • Power of Mirror Neurons & How to Use Them
  • Mediated Learning Techniques to Increase
  • Language & Problem Solving
  • Clayton’s Study Skills
  • Implementing in Small Groups
  • Modifications for Autistic & Non-Verbal Learners
  • Using the ROSES program with your Student


Agreement Form for EM   Please sign and return.

Handouts Study Skills – 2018 Equippingminds

Level 1 Primitive Reflexes Handouts

Primitive Reflexes Lessons Learned 2018 handouts

EM Conference Handout     Dr. Alexandria Ford =Whole Person Wellness and Cognitive Functions:Lifestyle Factors that Impact Brain Health

2018 Equipping Minds Evaluation Sheet

Home Schooling Children With Special Needs—Equipping

Level 2 Evaluation

Alexandria Ford’s email: alexandria.ford@gmail.com 

Kathy Johnson’s email:  pyramidofpotential56@gmail.com

Live Stream Links:

Thursday, April 12 8:15- 12:15 https://zoom.us/recording/play/sS7quvLkkbrYBvxtU7nrRuRJMj8VAlv6DTKTVSQZasfTDoHnmDX5EyXtt5LfRiY2?autoplay=true

Thursday, April 12 1:15-5:00 https://zoom.us/recording/play/INQpeI075by9JJlekzDYn0_G96AlEz9enUTxnJorpiElsjqHgsTPgSEnfxAy-YKO?autoplay=true

Friday, April 13  8:30- 4:00   https://zoom.us/recording/play/LZklrxRhUVbFhk6d80HEFIEgyKC4g7z4IgYk02rVOzvnFYvgw4vxDQEfXNfBxpgZ?autoplay=true

Friday, April 13 4:00-5:00




Visual Processing: Phonemic Awareness Research

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