Level 2 Equipping Minds Certification Available Year Round


Earn Equipping Minds Level 2 certification.  Purchase includes the 2018 Equipping Minds Workbook.


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Learn more about implementing the Equipping Minds Curriculum through Equipping Minds Level 2 Certification.  Purchase includes the 2018 Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum for teachers and students. 

Who Should Purchase? The Level 2 Certification class is open to all who are already Level 1 certified.

I have been working in the field of education for over 35 years. I have a master’s degree in education, and have accumulated five certifications over the years. Of those, the certification that I prize most highly is my Level 2 Equipping Minds Certification. Equipping Minds is the most powerful and versatile program that I have ever used. It enables me to strengthen specific cognitive functions effectively and efficiently without a dependence on academic ability (required by other programs) that hinders the progress of so many students.

I gained many insights from my Level 2 training. One insight that has proved invaluable in planning each session is the importance of “struggle”. I used to be discouraged when a student struggled when some exercise seemed harder than I thought it should be, or my student didn’t perform as well as expected. Now, it is that struggle for which I aim. Without struggle, there is no progress, no change. If there is no struggle, I have missed the mark entirely and have been ineffective. Thank you for showing me the supreme importance of learning to struggle well!

I also want to thank you for the incredible versatility of Equipping Minds. I can use the same Number Hunt page for my little first-grade student and for the gifted college student. With innumerable mutations possible, each page becomes a powerful tool for each student no matter the age or ability level. I have witnessed incredible growth as students learn to not only engage in the struggle of conquering an exercise but to also engage in the creativity of generating a mutation that is harder still. To hear a student say with great enthusiasm, “Do you know what would really be hard…?” is rewarding indeed. In using Equipping Minds I am limited only by my own imagination; it keeps me growing and stretching. In short, I just want to thank you for this incredible program and the powerful Level 2 training that has revolutionized my educational therapy.

God bless you and God bless this great endeavor,
Mary Trombadore

Session Details:

Conference Description: Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum Level 2 equips educators, therapists, parents, and other specialists who have completed Level 1 into a deeper understanding of the Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Program. You will expand your knowledge of the theories of Structural Cognitive Modifiability, Mediated Learning, the role of primitive reflex & neuro-developmental therapy, nutritional therapy, sound therapy, vestibular therapy, vision therapy, and cognitive developmental therapy. You will be provided with a proven set of exercises in these areas through a hands-on approach. This conference is designed for those who want to implement this program into their private practice, learning center, school or home. You will learn a holistic approach to increase cognitive skills for learners of all ages and abilities with modifications for those with severe disabilities.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes
• Participants will learn how whole person wellness relates to cognitive function and how mind and body health effect brain development. The benefits of nutritional therapy and the effects of gluten, processed foods, and other inflammatory foods will be discussed.
• Participants will learn seven primitive reflexes, the symptoms associated with each, how to test, and how to integrate. Understand the difference in retained and integrated reflexes, the regression that can occur with trauma, medical conditions and learning disabilities which are associated with each reflex. Learn modifications for children and adults with physical limitations. Discuss the connection to visual processing in depth.
• Participants will learn how to conduct an evaluation by watching Dr. Brown conduct a “mock evaluation” in a role-play situation.
• Participants will learn how to do a nine-week workshop and how to implement in small and large groups in private, public, and homeschool classrooms.
• Participants will learn study skills to enhance retention and application of information.
• Participants will learn modifications to use with learners with severe neurodevelopmental challenges.
• Participants will learn the research behind Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum and neuroplasticity. The five journal articles which are published in the Journal of Alternative Medicine Research will be discussed and made available as well as the book Human Development: Equipping Minds with Cognitive Curriculum.
• Participants will learn advanced cognitive training exercises in visual and auditory processing, working and long-term memory, attention, comprehension, executive functioning, logic and reasoning beyond the Level 1 training.
• Participants will learn about grants and scholarships for homeschoolers with learning challenges.
• Participants will learn how to use the 2018 Equipping Minds Cognitive Curriculum workbook and the ROSES program.

Presenters Qualifications:
Dr. Carol Brown Ed.D Executive Director and Educational Specialist of Equipping Minds, has been working with children and families who have struggled academically and psychologically since 1981. She received her BA in Rehabilitation Counseling from Marshall University, MA in Social Services from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Doctor of Education (Ed.D) in Educational Leadership from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. She sought additional training in cognitive development therapy, primitive reflex therapy, sound therapy, vision therapy, nutritional therapy, and vestibular therapy and combines these in her multi-disciplinary therapy program. Carol is licensed and certified as an FIE Mediator by the Feuerstein Institute for the Enhancement of Learning Potential. She is a contributing author in the Neuroscience and Christian Formation and Human Development: Equipping Minds with Cognitive Curriculum. She also wrote the Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum.

Kathy Johnson Ms Ed Kathy earned her BS at Clarkson University in Management and Marketing and received her MS Ed from the State University of New York at Albany in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology. She is trained in Therapeutic Listening by Sheila Frick, Primitive Reflexes by Samuel A. Berne, Brain Gym 101, Irlen Screening Certification,
PACE Cognitive Enhancement Program by Learning Rx, Phono-Graphix Reading Instructional Program by Read America, and Introduction to Rhythmic Movement Training. Session: Primitive Reflexes: Lessons Learned

Dr. Alexandria Sturdevant Ford Alexandria earned her Ed.D from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and MA in Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a BA in Art from the University of North Texas. She is a certified health coach and wellness consultant. Session: How whole person wellness relates to cognitive functions

Clayton Brown BS Clayton has a BS in Counseling from Boyce College and has been an educational specialist with Equipping Minds for eight years. Session: Study Skills

Faith Berens, MA Ed. Faith holds a master’s degree in reading from Shenandoah University. She has over 15 years teaching experience in both public and private Christian schools, serving as a classroom teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, reading specialist, and educational therapist. Her areas of expertise are early childhood literacy, reading assessment, and the identification and remediation of reading difficulties. Faith is a Special Needs Consultant for HSLDA.
Session: Homeschool Foundation


April 17 & 18  8:00-5:00 * 16 hours of training
• Dr. Carol Brown Results of Equipping Minds Research Study Participants will learn that the brain can change, as the latest research on neuroplasticity has proven. The five journal articles in the Journal of Alternative Medicine Research will be discussed as well as the book Human Development: Equipping Minds with Cognitive Curriculum. Participants will discuss the results of the research study in detail.

• Kathy Johnson Primitive Reflexes: Lessons Learned Participants will learn seven primitive reflexes, the symptoms associated with each, how to test, and how to integrate. These reflexes help provide the newborn with learning experiences which act as a foundation for more complex muscle movements and later cognitive tasks. The reflexes are integrated in a sequential fashion from 3-11 months. Lack of integration of these reflexes past 6-12 months can interfere with cortical and cerebellum processing and affect learning, movement, and attention.
• Clayton Brown: Study Skills Clayton will share his study skill methods which are based on how the brain learns. He will explain the importance of scheduling, calculating the number of pages to read, 4 colored highlighting methods, writing and project guidelines, and the use of sound therapy for attention and processing.
• Dr. Carol Brown: Conducting and Evaluation Learn how to access your learner’s strengths and challenges. Understand how and when to integrate exercise, nutrition, vision therapy, sound therapy, neurodevelopmental/ movement therapy, vestibular therapy, and cognitive therapy
• Dr. Carol Brown: The New 2018 Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum Participants will go through the entire workbook with the special addition to the new format and expansion of the classroom connections, n-back description, four-page overview, and sample sessions.

April 19 8:00-5:00 * 8 hours of training

• Dr. Carol Brown: Session with a student Carol will conduct a therapy session with “Iris” who is six years old and who has been doing Equipping Minds over the last year.
• Dr. Carol Brown Workshops for groups and classrooms Participants will learn how to conduct a nine-week workshop for community/church groups and how to implement in small groups and large classrooms in a public, private, or homeschool coop environment.
• Dr. Alexandria Ford How whole person wellness relates to cognitive functions : Participants will learn how whole person wellness relates to cognitive function, as the lifestyle choices that we make influence the health of our brains. Nutrition and exercise play a significant role in brain health, as does stress management, and healthy rhythms of labor and rest. Therefore, optimizing cognitive function is a holistic endeavor that involves the whole person.
• Dr. Carol Brown: ROSES Program Carol will demonstrate the Recorded Online Sessions Equipping Students program with over 500 instructional videos and data collection. Discuss how ROSES can be used for a classroom teacher, interventionists, or learning center.
• Faith Bernes Homeschool Foundation Faith will present the benefits of home education for children with special needs. She will share the mission and grants available through the Homeschool Foundation.
• Dr. Carol Brown Modifications and Questions Carol will demonstrate numerous modifications that she has used with learners with more severe neurodevelopmental disorders. There will also be a time for participants to ask questions regarding implementation of the program.
• Dr. Carol Brown Brown N-Back Steps Single N-back task (1958) and Dual N-back task (2003) have been used in research as a method to train working memory for many years. Some studies have reported near transfer effects but failed to demonstrate far transfer effects confirming that generalization remains elusive. Dr. Carol Brown developed an adaptive n-back with six tasks or the “Brown Six N Back” in which learners were asked to associated animals with symbols, vowels with sound, symbols, and colors, numbers with symbols and colors, recall images and sequence of US presidents, identify colors, and identify directions of left, right, up, and down. To Brown’s knowledge, there has not been a Six N-back task which utilizes a human mediator requiring the learner to hear auditory instructions, use their hands to write or place a cube while holding a pattern for six categories, and saying what they are doing. There are over 40 possible items the learner is retrieving from their long-term memory while using their working memory and regions of the brain which contains vowels, numbers, pictures, sounds, directions, and colors. If the learners succeeded at a particular level of n, the task was made incrementally more difficult by increasing the size of n to six and even nine.




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