Professional Development Workshops

We equip educators, parents, and professionals to increase anyones ability to process, remember, comprehend, and think. Carol and her team conduct PD Workshops for school districts, individual K-12 schools, businesses, churches, universities, professional organizations, and government agencies. We have presented our workshop to numerous public, private and homeschool teachers, therapists, school administrators, Toyota, University of Kentucky College of Medicine, KY Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Conference, KASC Conference, SPCE Conference, and others. We are available for 1-2 hour workshops, 3-6 hour or multiple day workshops. Examples of our workshops are listed below and can be customized to meet the needs of your group.

You will learn a holistic approach to increase cognitive skills for learners of all ages and abilities. These exercises will not only benefit your students but will enhance your own memory, executive functioning, and reasoning skills.
Course Objectives

  • Understand how mind and body health effect brain development.
  • Learn six primitive reflexes, the symptoms associated with each, how to test, and how to integrate.
  • Learn cognitive training exercises in processing, memory, attention, comprehension, logic and reasoning.Learn classroom connection guidelines for math, spelling, vocabulary, reading, history, science, and writing.
  • Learn study skills to enhance retention and application of information.
  • Learn instructional methods to use in the classroom and workplace.


Understanding, Identifying, Assessing, and Strengthening Cognitive Abilities for All Ages and Abilities Through a Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Learn how to access your learners strengths and challenges. Understand how and when to integrate exercise, nutrition, vision therapy, sound therapy, neurodevelopmental therapy, vestibular therapy, and cognitive therapy.

Equipping Minds to Reach Their Full Potential: Using Neuroscience to Improve Memory, Learning, and Thinking

Working memory is a stronger predictor of personal and academic success that IQ. This workshop will present the latest scientific research on neuroplasticity, working memory, and the brain’s ability to change for children and adults of all ages and etiologies. The goal is not perfection but reaching the full potential that God has for each of us. This workshop will present a multi-discplinary approach that helps children and adults from gifted to children with Down Syndrome,Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and everyone in between. You will learn exercises to improve working memory, processing, communication, attention, reading comprehension, and critical thinking. You will leave with a deeper understanding of these challenges and equipped to implement exercises to develop every child and adults capacity to learn.

Improving Language, Visual Processing, and Auditory Processing, and Social Skills

Learn exercises to increase your learners processing speed, communication, and social skills.

The Role of Imagery and Memory in Learning

Learn how to visualize letters, numbers, and objects to improve reading, math, and comprehension. The ability to visualize letters is necessary for spelling and reading, the ability to visualize numbers is necessary for math, and the ability to visualize pictures and concepts is necessary for reading comprehension and critical thinking. Learn the exercises to connect these pathways.