Individual Cognitive Training

Individual Cognitive Training

We work with children and adults to increase their cognitive abilities and decrease learning, emotional, and social challenges. Our therapists work one on one with students of all ages through online teletherapy. 


Individual Cognitive Training

Who We Serve

We train teachers, school districts, homeschool parents and therapists in the Equipping Minds Curriculum.  They implement our methods in one on one therapy and in small group and large group settings.

Our Son's Story

What you may not know is that I have sat where you may be sitting now, desperately wanting to hear hope for my son, who was struggling.

“The research study demonstrated that Equipping Minds® Cognitive Development Curriculum increases verbal abilities, nonverbal abilities, IQ composite, and academic abilities in learners with a Specific Learning Disorder.”

Dr. Carol Brown

equipping minds conference

Online Equipping Minds® Conference

Attend the online 2021 Equipping Minds® Conference and ask questions of the presenters. Review the videos later on your own. Learn the curriculum and earn Level 1 or Level 2 certification.

ROSES 2.0 Program

Purchase ROSES to see how to guide your student through the Equipping Minds brain building games. See videos of Dr. Carol Brown working with a student through all the steps of each game.

Online Study Skills Class

Clayton Brown outlines study skills for high school and college students in this online class.

“Everyone – regardless of age, etiology or disability – has immeasurable ability to enhance their learning aptitude and heighten their intelligence.”

Dr. Reuven Feuerstein

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