Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum

“I spent most of yesterday reading the workbook and watching the training videos. All I can say is FINALLY everything I have been trying to do in a piecemeal, random way is brought together in one organized program.” Judith

What is the Cognitive Development Curriculum?

After many years leading private K-12 schools, Dr. Carol Brown saw that students were still struggling year after year to retain information, follow multi-step directions, and reach their full potential even though they had received tutoring and additional support. She then created the Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum to address the cognitive skills which are the foundational tools for learning. Equipping Minds is designed to improve a learner’s working memory, visual and auditory processing, attention, processing speed, logic, comprehension, language, social skills, attention, executive functioning, behavior, and self-regulation. The classroom connection activities provide foundational skills for spelling, reading comprehension, writing, math, phonemic awareness, science, and history. There is also a section on instructional methods and study skills. The professional development workshop training videos are 9 hours and demonstrate the different cognitive exercises. The curriculum is designed for use in the regular or special education classroom, clinic, or home environment for children and adults from pre-school to senior adults of all abilities.

How does the Cognitive Development Curriculum Work?

When using the program for 1:1, it is recommended for 30-60 minutes a day, 5 x a week for 12-36 weeks depending on the learner. When working with the program in the classroom, you are given sample planning tools and schedules for recommended integration and usage within the typical school day.  Dr. Brown will also guide you on how to implement effectively. HIgh school students can count the daily sessions as a critical thinking course.

Who will benefit from the Cognitive Development Curriculum?

We use the program with a variety of individuals of all ages abilities with great success. The program is designed to help any individual wanting to strengthen their ability to learn. This includes Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Gifted, Learning Challenges, ADD/ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Memory, Comprehension, Down Syndrome, Processing Disorders, Dementia, Executive Functioning, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Communication Disorders, and Neurodevelopment Disorders. We have students from 3 years old to adults who are 90 years of age use the program.

Can I talk to others using Equipping Minds?

Yes!  These groups of parents and teachers are on Facebook.

How can we try Equipping Minds ?

Carol Brown has posted a series of 8 free videos on YouTube that explain more about Equipping Minds. Below is a link to the first video.