Donate to Children and Families in Need

Equipping Minds is an approved fund under Provision Bridge.

Difficult times, rising medical costs, natural disasters, and other problems have left more and more families in need of financial assistance and more families and organizations wanting to help. Recognizing these needs led a team of dedicated leaders in the nonprofit community to start ProvisionBridge. In 2011, Provision Bridge received its determination letter from the IRS as a 501C3 organization, with the goal of helping more people give to meet the needs in their community.

Provision Bridge

Provision Bridge exists to provide an easy, tax-efficient way for individuals, families and organizations to give charitably to organizations that provide care for those in need.

Our primary mission at Equipping Minds is to work with children and adults to increase their cognitive abilities and decrease learning, emotional, and social challenges. We work individually with children and adults of all ages and abilities to reach their full potential through our onsite and online programs. This includes learners with autism, dyslexia, gifted, learning and memory challenges, ADHD, traumatic brain injury, Down syndrome, processing disorders, dementia, fetal alcohol syndrome, post-concussion syndrome, specific learning disability, executive functioning, and neurodevelopmental disorders. We see working memory, processing speed, attention, comprehension, executive functioning, critical thinking, visual-spatial reasoning, and communication skills increase to help them overcome learning, emotional, and social challenges by equipping their minds to reach the full potential God has for them.

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