We have scheduled a workshop for early June.  Get trained on cognitive development and help your students over the summer.

Saturday June 8
9 am-3pm

Academic Success Center of KY
359 South Fourth St.
Building E Suite 2
Danville, KY 40422

“I attended the workshop last month in Danville and it was worth every penny and effort to arrange childcare! This is not just another workshop but a practical way to get hope and solutions to correct the root cause of learning issues. Instead of continuing in the cycle of buying yet another curriculum to adapt to my child’s issues, I wanted to take some time to help them make the brain connections that would cross-over to any subject. I have already seen growth this week by implementing the reflex exercises and modeling steps that were taught.” Krista

Course Objectives

  1. Understand how mind and body health effect brain development.
  2. Learn six primitive reflexes, the symptoms associated with each, and how to integrate.
  3. Learn cognitive training exercises in processing, memory, attention, logic and reasoning.
  4. Learn classroom connection guidelines for math, spelling, vocabulary, reading, history, comprehension, and writing.

Contact Carol to register.

Cost: $199 includes workshop, workbook/training DVD, and lunch