Success at Last!

Equipping Minds was the program that was finally successful for my daughter. In 2nd grade she was identified as having both an auditory and visual processing deficiency. And that was after attending a six-week intensive on-site learning center and countless online computer therapies since late Kindergarten. We knew she was a smart young lady (don’t all parents think that?), but there always seemed to be a disconnect or a lag when she was doing school work.

After reaching out to Carol when Regan was in the 4th grade, we made the trip to Kentucky (we live in Virginia) for an assessment and a few days of intensive one-on-one work. That trip provided the Equipping Minds staff with enough information about Regan to plan her program. The following week we started working with them via a free online video conference tool. All we needed to do was to buy a few items (inexpensive card games mostly) and a webcam that could be easily moved from the top of the computer closer toward the Equipping Minds workbook.

The brain training sessions were fun and moved quickly from game to game, so Regan didn’t have a chance to get frustrated. Even through the computer, the Equipping Minds staff were able to read my daughter and adjust the training as needed. They knew when to push a little and when to back off and move on.

Bottom line, prior to working with Equipping Minds (May) Regan was about a year and a half behind her grade in reading and about a year behind in math. By the time school started in the fall (entering 5th grade) she was at grade level in math but still being pulled out for Language Arts. In November, based on her testing to just below grade level reading, she was moved into the main classroom for Language Arts! She still has some small classroom work with her spelling, but we are beyond thrilled with her progress.

Equipping Minds is the program that put everything together – cognitive/processing training, sound therapy, reflex exercises – that successfully broke through my daughter’s learning challenges. My experience of nearly six years of using various programs/therapies to help my daughter boils down to Equipping Minds… They get it, and they have the tools, intuition, and love for what they do to make a difference in a child’s life.

Karen, grateful mom,
Fairfax County, Virginia