My 19-year-old daughter, Payton, is profoundly autistic. She is unable to respond to questions, has atypical seizures on a daily basis, and must be assisted with most life skills. I have tried many, many therapies beginning when she was a little over two years of age. Yet it was not until after being involved for approximately three months in the Equipping Minds therapy program with Carol Brown that I heard Payton speak the first sentence of her life.

Prior to this, Payton had used only single words and a few echolalic phrases. I also had the immeasurable gift of hearing my only child say the words “my mom” during her sessions with Carol. The most immediately evident result of Payton’s involvement at Equipping Minds has been an expansion in her communication skills. This fact has been commented on by two professionals that Payton has seen on a weekly basis for years – her occupational therapist and her craniosacral/therapeutic massage therapist. If you are the parent of a severely handicapped child, you will also understand what I mean when I say that Payton is also simply more “there” – more interactive. This is no small thing.

I came to Equipping Minds as a skeptic, but I am now a true believer. I unreservedly recommend this program for those of you who – like me – have tried so many, many therapies with your loved one. I am excited for the possibility of future achievement, but please know that I am also very content with the gains already made.

-Irene, grateful mom