“I am a teacher in Louisville, KY and Mrs. Brown’s presentation totally changed my outlook on education. I have implemented many of the techniques I learned about from Mrs. Brown in our school.”

Educational professionals and parents are finding that more tutoring is not the solution for most students. Carol will describe a curriculum that uses cognitive development exercises to make learning and academic success possible.

Carol will discuss sequentially:

  • neurodevelopment
  • sensory development
  • cognitive development
  • study skills
  • instructional methods

Course Objectives

  1. Understand how mind and body health effect brain development.
  2. Learn six primitive reflexes, the symptoms associated with each, how to test, and how to integrate.
  3. Use screening tools and exercises for visual processing, auditory processing, and the vestibular system.
  4. Complete the learning screening and using the cognitive skill assessment.
  5. Interpret the assessments and creating and implementing a plan.
  6. Learn cognitive training exercises in processing, memory, attention, logic and reasoning.
  7. Learn classroom connection guidelines for math, spelling, vocabulary, reading, history, comprehension, and writing.
  8. Learn Study Skills for a life- time.
  9. Learn classroom instructional methods to use with all students.

Includes the Academic Success Center Workbook

Cognitive Development Curriculum for Teachers and Interventionists

A day by day curriculum designed for cognitive development including working memory, visual processing, attention, processing speed, logic, comprehension, and more. 25 exercises with increasingly difficult levels to increase abilities. Classroom connection activities, instructional methods, and study skills included. Designed for use in the regular or special education classroom, clinic or home environment.

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