Woo! Hoo! I wish you could see him now that we have completed thirty days of the reflex exercises.

My son, Tim, was adopted from an Eastern European country when he was five years old. He spoke no English and did not pick up language very easily or quickly. Over the past thirteen years, he was diagnosed with auditory and visual processing disorders, dyslexia, long, short and working memory issues and finally about 2 years ago a diagnosis of PDD-NOS.

We tried many, many therapies to address each of these issues, individually, to no avail. We tried homeschooling, private schooling and public schooling. Still, nothing seemed to unlock his brain. One day while talking with Carol, I mentioned it was like Tim could not learn. She suggested that we try the primitive reflex integration exercises.

With nothing to lose, as a family, we did the exercises everyday, 10 minutes a day for 30 days. And wow, what a significant difference they made. His brain unlocked! For the first time ever, Tim is asking how and why questions, he is making decisions, he is making jokes, he is smiling and appears to be happy, he is maintaining eye contact, he is becoming socially aware, his anxiety seems to be gone! It is UNBELIEVABLE. If I had not witnessed it myself, I would not believe it.

Family, friends, neighbors and the psychiatrist have all asked, “What’s going on with Tim? He’s different.” They have all noticed. We did not tell anyone (except Carol) that we were doing the reflex exercises. The psychiatrist told us to keep up the good work and asked for more information!

Right now, he is going through all the stages of childhood that he did not go through cognitively when he was younger. Recently, he was able to express to me that he was lonely. Before we did the exercises, he would not have been aware of this much less be able to express it. I tried to encourage him that it was a good thing, as it shows growth, progress, and awareness. We can now do something about it!

Now that his brain is unlocked and he has access to the higher parts of his brain, it is ready to be filled and developed. We started working online with Carol doing the Cognitive Therapy Workbook 2 weeks ago. Tim is fully engaged and embracing the exercises with a new confidence that we have never seen. We can’t wait to see what the next few months bring!

Encouraged and Blessed,
Tim’s mom

To learn more about the primitive reflex exercise DVD: Maintaining Brains Everyday and our full program, contact me at cbrown@equippingminds.com.