Participants: Jennifer, 49 years old, Robert, 64 years old. Ruth, 14 years old

We started the program on May 28, 2018, and finished on July 8, 2018.  We did the activities almost every day. Ruth and Jennifer completed all the exercises outlined on pages 44-47 of the 2018 Equipping Minds Workbook. I estimate we did the program for a total of more than 70 hours, not including Sound Therapy time or Primitive Reflex time. Robert did a number of exercises, as outlined below. I estimate that Robert did the program for around 30 hours, not including Sound Therapy time or Primitive Reflex time. We have continued to play SET almost every day since completing the program.

EM Activities completed daily by Robert: Xtreme Tic Tac Toe, Number Hunt 1-5, Number Hunt 1-9, Deck of Cards, Stroop Animal, SET, Presidents, Let’s Match, Xtreme Memory

We all also did the Primitive Reflex Exercises every day as well as the Sound Therapy, at least during the session when we did the EM games and activities. Robert and Jennifer usually listened to Sound Therapy for two hours or more. All three of us did the following online tests before starting and after completing the EM program:

Table 1    Test results before and after Equipping Minds

Working Memory May Working Memory July Percent Difference IQ Test May IQ Test July Percent Difference
Ruth 45 53 +17.8% 133 135 +1.5%
Jennifer 42 51 +21.4% 107 115 +7.5%
Robert 42 49 +16.7% 100 108 +8.0%


Additional improvements have also been noticed. I have realized that I no longer experience the same level of anxiety as before starting the program. I can remember phone numbers and names much more easily. Robert reports having more energy, feeling more relaxed, and finding it easier to concentrate and focus. Ruth can remember phone numbers which she couldn’t do before EM.