“How difficult is the moment when, as a parent, you realize that your child learns differently or struggles to learn? I remember the course of how we discovered our son’s visual processing issues, I recall the frustration of seeing him work diligently to learn what others learn so easily, I sadly watched him in tears attempting to memorize a new spelling list.

Working with Carol has brought much-needed placidity to our family. As parents, we are thrilled to have a better understanding of our son’s challenges, how to help him, and are delighted and humbled by his progress. And, to see him gain confidence, to see him eager and excited to learn again, is beyond measure.

As much as we might wish for a “magical” cure to his processing issues, an overnight remedy to make the struggles disappear, we know that is not possible. Changing the way his brain processes information will take much time and effort. That being said, I cannot imagine embarking on this journey with anyone but Carol. Her knowledge of the subject matter and her compassion and love for her students is unmatched. Carol’s influence on our son’s life, her encouragement, experience, and support are changing that way our son learns and grows as a person. We are most blessed.”

~ Grant: 9 years old ~