Do not assume because a child looks normal that he has the ability to show that intelligence in the classroom.

Do you know someone who:

  1. Does as little as possible
  2. Is the “nice” and “obedient” student
  3. Becomes the class clown
  4. Becomes the class rebel
  5. Retreats into illness
  6. Spends longer than peers on homework

Students behavior reflects internal challenges they are facing. As their frustration builds it can lead to anger, depression, or fatigue as they can’t show you what they know. Having a label is not the solution if you can’t do something about it. Relying on strategies and accommodations is not the solution either. Understanding and correcting the underlying cause is the solution through a redevelopment program which takes us back to the beginning.  Explore our website to learn more about the programs we use with students and adults to help them reach their full potential.

We are currently registering for our summer brain training programs. You can contact Carol to schedule an evaluation.  Each child or adult will have an individualized cognitive development program developed for their needs.

 ” Don’t treat the symptom, find the cause, and remove the cause.”