Learning Disabilities, Developmental Delay, and Down Syndrome

Our center is currently doing a research project with the University of Louisville Dept. of Psychological and Brain Sciences for students with Down Syndrome. There are many skeptics in the US that doubt if cognitive gains can be made. However, the evidence is overwhelming that significant gains can and have been made.

You see, Dr. Feuerstein has a grandson with Down Syndrome and has been doing research in this area since 1980. The latest research is posted here and www.thinkingconnections.org.

A journalist knew of his work with Down Syndrome children whom were brought to higher levels of functioning. In response to MLE and exposure to cognitive interventions, many of these young people were able to complete their education and become artist, poets and so forth. He wrote, “The chromosomes don’t have the last word.”

Cognitive functioning was improved for children with developmental disabilities.

If the environment does not require the person to be modified but adapts itself to him or her, what has been called an autoplastic response- meaningful and sustained change will not occur.

Plasticity works throughout the brain and throughout our lifetimes. New connections are being made and the brain can alter existing structures. Ultimately, existing pathways are altered or new ones are formed. Plasticity allows the brain to rebuild connections that are interrupted or underdeveloped by trauma, disease, or genetic conditions.

No one claims that were these implications positively addressed, individuals would be totally equal. Nonetheless, evidence shows that these methods have significant impact on the quality of students thinking and literally change the structure of the brain and impact learning of content.

We now have an expansive body of knowledge with the explosion of science and technology that gives us hope and responsibility!

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