Jennifer is a friendly 29-year-old woman who started at Equipping Minds just six short weeks ago and is already experiencing dramatic changes in her life. When Jennifer first joined us she questioned how “playing brain games” would help her in her job. She has greatly increased her work performance and has noticed that her reading comprehension is vastly improved! Her work entails engaging the public in a courteous and positive way, while at the same time processing the customer’s order in a timely manner, which is recorded and evaluated with a percentage score. Her score has increased from 80% up to 100% already, and it earned her congratulations from her boss! She’s also noticed that “I remember what I’ve read a whole lot easier”.

In a recent note from Jennifer, she said, “Wanted to share with you all at Equipping Minds how excited I am to have received such a great score at work this evening! Thank you all for your work with me!” Of course, we replied to her, “Jennifer, YOU did all the work! Congratulations!”

Way to go, Jennifer! We are proud of you!