Mallory’s Story

Carol is a passionate, creative and inspiring educator! She is driven by a deep desire to help others and a belief that everyone can enhance their ability to learn. Her work is grounded in research and years of experience. Equipping Minds is unique and innovative – the cognitive development curriculum is flexible, fun, and engaging, while working the brain. The games and activities build upon each other and the adaptions/modifications are endless! This not only makes each day new and exciting, it makes the program usable by all ability levels and ages.

The face-to-face component of Equipping Minds differentiates it from many other brain-training programs. Learning is a process, and when

done in the context of a nurturing relationship, where a person feels safe, acknowledged and supported, amazing things can and do happen.

Enhancing learning and thinking skills can only occur when built upon what is already known — Carol is an expert at discovering what someone can do, meeting them where they are, and then taking them to the next level. So instead of frustration, students of all ages experience success.

My daughter began working with Carol just 12 weeks ago and already I am seeing improvement with her attention, working and long-term memory as well as comprehension. Yet, the most exciting part for me, as a parent (and a professional), is to see how my daughter’s confidence is soaring! She is not afraid to try things now that before were just too overwhelming to her. Self-confidence is critical to a child’s success not just in school but also in life. Thank you Carol for helping Mallory realize she can do many things!

Keep up the amazing work that you are doing to help improve the lives of so many people.

With much gratitude,

Allison Borden, Ed.D.