Rory is an incredibly bright ten year old whose logic skills are amazing. However, one minute he’s “on” and the next he’s “off.” Attention issues….maybe…but probably not.

You see his working memory literally stops working.

Rory was on level 1 of Sky Scanning–one of the Brainware Safari exercises–and the computer said the numbers 20, 87, 59. He remembers them perfectly and finds them on the screen. He can remember the first 3 sets of numbers effortlessly, but when a fourth set is added…92, 25, 15…NOTHING. I repeat the numbers for him and…NOTHING. Nothing from what he previously heard; his ability to now recall has vanished. Rory looks at me and says, “My brain just shut off.” Hmmmm…

I ask Rory if he knows the story of the “Woodsman and the Axe,” and he recalls it perfectly. This is his long term memory. Rory’s story has a happy ending, too… He has gone from 45 seconds of concentration (working memory) to over 10 minutes with increased confidence! His working memory is increasing every week, and he now proclaims when passing a difficult level, “I am SO smart!”

Student’s like Rory can hold it together for short periods of time but not for long. If Rory sounds like you or someone you know, please contact us for an evaluation.