Solving Learning Challenges By Addressing the Cause

Individualized Programs For Children and Adults

Have your struggling student work with Carol and staff this summer either in person in Danville KY or anywhere via Skype.  You will be giving your student improved cognitive skills for the next academic year.  Your student’s strengths and challenge areas will first be identified. Carol will then create a brain training program customized just for your student.

Who can benefit:   Those who have Dyslexia, Gifted, ADD, Sensory and Processing Disorders, Aspergers, Down Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Memory Struggles

Detailed advantages:

  • Improve attention, memory, auditory and visual processing,  planning, and critical thinking skills
  •  Think and react faster in school and social situations
  •  Make significant growth in reading, math, study skills, and writing before school begins
  •  Increase college readiness or job performance
  •  Reach your potential academically and personally
  •  Increase confidence, motivation, and independence

Testimonials:  Read parent reviews of Equipping Minds

Equipping Minds uses the very best, cutting edge programs based on the latest brain research including Neuro-Developmental Therapy, Sound Therapy, Vision Therapy, Cognitive Development Therapy, and Vestibular Therapy that help students and adults overcome learning challenges by giving them the abilities to reach their potential academically, personally and professionally.

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