Our goal is to provide our services to ALL students and adults who are struggling academically, professionally, relationally, and emotionally.

Understanding the underlying causes is crucial for giving the brain, mind, and heart a second chance for connecting and healing. We provide an individualized plan that incorporates proven methods from the fields of neuropsychology, neurodevelopment, and education.

As a private Christian practice dedicated to improving learning experiences for students, we work one-on-one with each student and their family to engage the student in new ways of thinking and problem solving that are important to learning. Our center offers an intervention program based on insights and approaches developed through the study of cognitive science. These approaches seek to solve a student’s learning difficulties by improving fundamental cognitive skills. Improved cognitive skills lead to improvements in academic learning such as reading, comprehension, writing and math as well as social learning involving relating and communicating with others.

The goal is to improve a student’s fundamental cognitive abilities so that learning becomes efficient and meaningful. This allows the student to confidently confront new learning and life challenges with a belief in their own ability to think critically and solve problems.