Rafaele Joudry is a world leader and educator on Sound Therapy and the discoveries of Dr. Tomatis. She has toured Australia, Europe & the USA to educate about the impact of sound upon our health.

Rafaele holds a Masters of Psychology specializing in Sound Therapy. Since founding Sound Therapy International in 1989 Rafaele has authored dozens of articles plus three best-selling books:

    • Sound Therapy: Music to Recharge Your Brain
    •  Triumph Over Tinnitus and
    • Why Aren’t I Learning?

Her books describe the remarkable power of Sound Therapy to improve ear function and brain integration, resulting in beneficial results for numerous conditions.

Educated in England and Canada, and now residing in Australia, Rafaele has a background in social work and community education, which engendered her interest in listening as the foundation of all communication. Website: www.soundtherapyinternational.com

We are pleased to announce Rafaele Joudry will be speaking at our conference via teleconference.