Transform your child’s life by giving them the cognitive skills to learn, read, and reach their full potential.

We have seen tremendous positive changes in our students.  Their hard work has been demonstrated in improved scores in assessment tests. Some of our students have achieved 4 years of cognitive gains and 2 years of academic gains in 60 hours of therapy.

Improvements can be observed in the student’s school, home and sports life.  Parents, teachers and coaches have gladly noticed the following:

  • Improved attention span, focus
  • Fewer careless errors
  • Completion of tasks faster
  • Completion of tasks more accurately
  • Less frustration with difficult tasks
  • Better ability to follow instructions
  • Better ability to grasp concepts
  • Increased motivation & effort
  • Greater ability to handle challenges
  • Enhanced thinking
  • Increased attention to detail
  • Better reading comprehension
  • Self-correcting and independent learners!

Helping students be successful in school and at home is extremely rewarding work.  Contact us today to talk about your student’s situation.