Craig successfully completed the Rubik’s Cube on Friday night 4/11! He walked in from playing outside, looked at his cube, flipped a few turns and Waa La – done!! After 3 months of almost daily turns.

Why is this significant, and how does this relate to your brain training?

He applied everything from his summer brain training with you – many months after the training – to complete this task.

He received the Rubik’s Cube at Christmas. We were a little leery about the gift because in the past he would get frustrated with difficult activities or become overly obsessive with them.

Not in this case. Although we had to limit some time durations.

Neither Todd nor I have completed this puzzle. Craig worked on it all on his own. We did not execute, coach, or advise. We were unable to do this as we had not played with the cube before.

He read the instructions and referred to them often.

With over 1 million combinations, he observed his combination at certain times and referred to the instructions over and over.

He never gave up.

He used inferences, spatial reasoning, reading comprehension, planning, modeling, focus, and problem solving. Every single skill!!!!

On his own, he referred to YouTube for tips and tricks. He applied that to his situation.

I feel the 4/11 significance (it’s a God thing). Why else would Craig not have completed this activity on some other day, or not at all for that matter??

The Rubik’s Cube may have even continued to train his brain and strengthen the connectors already in play from your training. Hand to brain …. Brain to hand.

Have a blessed, restful weekend! You did an amazing job this week at the conference, and so much more was in play (God’s hand) than what we know.