The Academic Success Center of Kentucky was formed to help all students and adults reach their full potential. Initially, this was the typical struggles of dyslexia, ADD, language processing, and many with no diagnosis at all, but for whom homework and school were laborious. Maybe I should stop there… but I can’t. You see, we then began working with students with Down syndrome and developmental delays. Much to my surprise the gains were tremendous and led to a partnership with the University of Louisville Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. They reviewed my workbook and believe that the program could increase what we call Executive Functioning: processing, planning,working memory, and critical thinking in students with Down syndrome.

Honestly, everyone can flourish with this unique program. We have seen AP students, college students, and adults increase and maintain their abilities through this program.

Summer Brain Training is an excellent place to start. This can also be done in a before or after school program.Typically, students spend 5 days a week, an hour a day for 8-12 weeks training.

If this is something that interest you, please contact me. You can work directly with our center through one on one training or join us for the conference to implement yourself.

There is hope for everyone!