Hi Carol,

I just wanted to give you a little testimony. Actually it’s big for me. I just found out this fall that all my cognitive and neurological problems over the last eight years are due to Lyme’s. I have been feeling MUCH better than a number of years ago. I take a lot of supplements. However, I have never been able to “get my mind” back, so to speak. My word recall and ability to carry on conversations without forgetting why I said what, etc. has been very frustrating. I am having less trouble now, after doing the exercises with my children. I am looking forward to gaining in health and memory, etc, instead of losing. I am no longer scared of a Lyme’s diagnosis like I would have been 8 years ago. Now I know for sure that God has me in His HUGE hands and is working in me as well as my children. Thanks!

N. L.