What will the jobs be in 10 years? It has been said,

[note color=”#FFFD96″]”The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, and unlearn, and relearn.”

Alvin Toffler[/note]

While “content” is important, the ability to think and learn is essential. We just completed our certification in “Instrumental Enrichment Standard!” Each instrument focuses on cognitive functions needed for successful learning. Students and adults will apply thinking strategies, identify and solve problems, and discover principles for life. These exercises are “content free” and become more complex and abstract. They are being used in 80 countries with tremendous success! Whether you are 5 or 85, gifted or struggling, the exercises will increase your capacity to learn and think.

Dr. Reuven Feuerstein, an Israeli psychologist, developed and proved a cognitive program since the 1950’s. The basis is “cognitive modifiability” – it is never too late to improve the thinking powers of any individual, no matter where she or he is at the moment. Evidence has shown that the “content free” exercises used to increase cognitive structures significantly impact students thinking and change the structure of the brain and impact learning of content. It looks at what lies underneath the curriculum that provides challenges for so many.

Beyond Smarter: Mediated Learning and the Brain’s Capacity for Change
Dr. Reuven Feuerstein 2010