Presentation by Carol Brown

Program Description:

Over the last 20 years, research on brain development has changed our understanding and perspective on how the brain works. The evidence is overwhelming and now accepted that the brain and IQ are not stagnant but can be changed with the right tools and instructional methods. Everyday students and adults who are given these interventions to strengthen their brains are showing us that anything is possible. However, it requires that professionals in psychology, neurology, nutrition, occupational and physical therapy, vision and auditory therapy, cognitive developmental therapy, and educational therapy work together understanding how these disciplines form the building blocks for change and success. This program begins with mind and body health, neuro- development, sensory-motor integration, and cognitive skill training that lead to success academically and personally.

Since 1981, Carol has been working with children and families who have struggled psychologically and academically. While receiving her bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and master’s degree in Social Services, she saw many of the actual difficulties the children were experiencing NOT addressed in her coursework. This lead to seeking additional training in cognitive skill therapy, Healing ADD with Daniel Amen, Primitive Reflex Training with Kathy Johnson’s Pyramid of Potential, Integrative Vision Skills, Brainware Safari, BrainSkills, and others.

However, in 1992 this journey became very personal as her middle son, Clayton, would need all of these interventions. Clayton and her students were and continue to be her greatest teacher. In 2009 Carol and her husband, Kyle, stepped out of private school administration and teaching to form the Academic Success Center of Kentucky which provides individualized programs to students and adults. They live in Danville, Kentucky and have 3 children in college.

Carol Brown M.A. and Kyle Brown M.A. M.Div.
The Academic Success Center of Kentucky