“Throughout elementary school to where I was last summer as a college sophmore, I had noticed some issues with my reading skills. When reading an assignment in class, I noticed that I was usually always one of the last or the last person to finish reading. Sometimes my teacher would have to continue on with her lesson, not being able to wait on me any longer to finish. I usually just got overwhelmed by that point and didn’t finish whatever passage we were studying. I felt rushed and I got frustrated with myself.

Even though I had always noticed I struggled with my reading, it really hit me that I needed to seek help. Last spring when I was at home reading for my sociology class, it seemed like it took me 30 minutes to get through 2 paragraphs because I had to re-read everything. Frustrated and a little hurt, I looked at my mom and said, ” Mom, I can’t read!” I love sociology, so not being able to read about something I love was devastating. I was also devastated at the fact I was in my second year of college and still had issues with reading speed and comprehension.

I was so thankful my friend told me about the cognitive therapy her mom did and said that she could help me. I was thrilled and gave it a shot! When working with Carol over the summer, we did various exercises to strengthen my reading skills. I also learned from Carol that I have an inner-ear imbalance which effects my reading. Through brain strengthening exercises, visual processing exercises, and other reading activities we did one on one, I noticed tremendous progress when I started classes the following fall semester!

My first class of the semester was an Introduction to Ethics class which required a lot of reading; 90% of our assignments were reading various articles and passages. From the first day to the end of the semester, everything I heard and read in class was crystal clear and I could read an article with ease the first time through and understand it without going back and reading it over and over again. As a result, I received an A in the class!

I feel very privileged and blessed that I was led to such a program that has had an ever lasting, positive impact on my life. It was a great way to spend my summer!

Cognitive therapy works!

Sara, 21 year college student