The following is an email I received this week from a parent. Her son, Craig, did our cognitive development program this summer. We focused on working memory, processing, comprehension, and critical thinking.

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The new year has started off very well. We have seen some immediate results from our hard work this summer. I wanted to share.

  • Handwriting – wow, much improved – although this was not a goal – this is a sign to me that there are true changes that have taken place.
  • Reading questions and answering – now this is HUGE. He completed this assignment on his own at school. This is amazing to us – he couldn’t do this last year. Maybe 50%, never completed, and understanding of questions zero.  Just fabulous!!!

We cannot thank you enough – you have been life savers! He’s talking, happy, and excited about all the work we are doing. Priceless!

Craig’s mom

Working memory can be increased at any age just as Craig’s story tells us.  Better working memory helps you to

  • Prioritize and process information
  • Ignore what is irrelevant and work with what is important.
  • Hold on to information so you can work with it.
  • Think fast on your feet.
  • Increase reading comprehension.
  • Learn more easily in school.
  • Make judgement calls.
  • Adapt to new situations.
  • Stay motivated to achieve long term goals.
  • Stay positive in the midst of a dire situation.
  • Follow your moral compass.
  • Be a better athlete.

There are numerous articles and programs flooding the market. How do you know what to do?  Join us for any of the workshops  in September.