“Our daughter with Down Syndrome has just completed a 12 week brain training program program with Carol which has been life altering! She has more than doubled her working memory, her processing speed has increased, and her speech and articulation has improved. She is able to do things now that were NEVER thought possible. She is now doing basic addition without a calculator which some said would never happen.This program should be implemented with all students and adults who want to sharpen their own mental capabilities.” Traci LaHue

My desire has been to equip teachers and parents to understand the potential in each child. Whether you are an interventionist, classroom teacher, or parent, you know someone who is struggling academically and/or personally. You may have been given a diagnosis or a label such as dyslexia, ADHD, language processing disorder, conduct disorder, autism spectrum disorder, developmental delay, Down syndrome… the list can seem unending.

The Academic Success Workbook/Workshop is a synthesis of over 25 years of work. It is an unique and complete approach to increasing any student’s capacity to learn. You will be provided with a proven set of exercises designed to strengthen challenge areas and see the brain’s ability to change.

There is hope for everyone!