Good morning,

It has been a wonderful year for us and our students. God has truly gone before us and granted favor where we had not expected.

I think every knows about our research study with the University of Louisville Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences for students with Down syndrome using our workbook.

The official Cognitive Development Workbook and DVD, along with training, were launched in October. We are reaching more people than we ever imagined. We’ve trained teachers, therapist, and parents in Australia, California, Texas, Florida, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio,…from public,private, and homeschool settings.

We’ve had one day trainings and are now hosting a 2.5 day training April 25-27 in Danville. Our desire is to equip others to use our program. We had numerous meetings regarding copyright, patents, licensing,and franchising with excellent business coaches from UK and the top attorneys in Lexington.

After much counsel and prayer, we decided to simply copyright the workbook and equip others ( no license fees…. they are able to go out and use at home or start their own center or use in their school). This allows us to keep the cost affordable. Similar 3 day trainings are $3,900 and ours is $349. And yes, I have been told it is too low, but our hope is make it available to more students.

We have also learned that there has been a similar program in cognitive development around for over 50 years out of Israel. In November we went through the training to be certified Feuerstein cognitive therapist. The addition of their cognitive exercises has been wonderful! I encourage you to talk to us about this. It would only take a few weeks to take someone through this addition. This can be done in a small group for students who have been through our program or one on one.

We have also added “sound therapy” which has numerous benefits for students and adults with auditory processing, dyslexia, ADD, tinnitus, sleep disorders, anxiety, Autism, ……. this has been used since the 1940’s and was developed by an ENT in France. It is used by numerous audiologist and therapist around the world and has only come to the US in the last few years. The 2 US companies who are using it sell the programs to therapist for over $1400 each. We have partnered with Sound Therapy International and the cost is between $250-$500 depending on the program ( young child, older child, or adult). It can also be done at home and even while you sleep. There is a great deal of information on this website and we are using the program ourselves. Stop by and “listen!”

As you know, our son, Clayton was diagnosed with a language processing disorder over 20 years ago and is in college finishing his counseling degree. He is doing wonderfully and will be working for us again this summer.

We will continue to work with students one on one and now on line! The website was also recently updated so check it out: and look at the research section and brain training toolkit.

A medical research journal has also asked us to submit our case studies for publication.

If you are interested in any of our new additions for a summer boost, just let us know. We are already registering students. You are also invited to the conference to implement the exercises at home.

*** I will be doing an informational workshop on April 19th from 8-10:00 hosted at Inter-County Energy.


Carol and Kyle