by Christina Black

I have worked for Carol Brown for several years as her web developer.  I had a chance to attend her workshop locally in Fairfax, Virginia last month.

Carol’s positive, hopeful attitude is contagious.  She shared with the parent and teacher attendees, “We are not about labels.  We are about solutions.”  The more students she helps, the more Carol is convinced that “pathways in the brain can be strengthened.”

Ashley Brown, Carol and Kyle’s daughter, spoke of a student who was struggling in ballet class, having trouble remembering new routines despite tremendous effort. She was falling behind academically in school.  After working diligently with Ashley last summer, this student can now learn new dances and has progressed to a more advanced class.  She is now testing several years ahead in cognitive skills.

Another client is a teenage girl who suffered a traumatic brain injury.  Her parents were told that her abilities “could not be improved.”  But she is making tremendous gains in the Equipping Minds program.

Carol stressed that she keeps learning more about brain development and getting students “unstuck”.  A combination of several therapies at once, worked on steadily for five days a week, seems to be the key for many students.  The therapies can include the Equipping Minds workbook, sound therapy, vision therapy,vestibular therapy, and neuro-development exercises.

Updates on former clients were also encouraging.  Claire is in her third semester of college.  Rose is now in middle school and continues to impress her teachers and parents. She has memorized her 14 digit library card and her locker combination! She can also play Blink in Spanish and English!

Finally, Carol wrapped up by sharing how wonderful it is to see her students achieving “far more than they ever imagined; far more than their parents ever imagined.”