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Enhancing the Brain with Sound Therapy

Posted on Jun 11, 2016 in blog, news | 0 comments

Successful listening and learning depends on good auditory processing. Challenges in auditory processing are seen in learners with dyslexia, ADHD, language and auditory processing disorders, Autism, tinnitus, memory struggles, and learning challenges. Auditory processing means the ability to translate speech sounds into words and meaning, and then recreate those sounds as speech.There is a great deal more than hearing required for successful use of language. A fractional delay in any stage of this perception can lead to great difficulties when it comes to learning the skills of reading, writing and spelling. Poor auditory memory may be part of the problem and a person who is otherwise quite intelligent may...

Christian Education Journal

Posted on Jun 11, 2016 in news | 0 comments

“We are excited to announce that Carol Brown, creator & Executive Director of Equipping Minds has been published in the Spring 2016 edition of the “Christian Education Journal”. This edition’s focus is ‘Christian Education and Special Needs Ministry.’ Carol’s article, “Equipping Minds for Christian Education…Learning from Neuroscience for Christian Educators” focuses on using neuroscience to bring hope to educators, interventionists, and parents of individuals with various learning challenges, motor or communication disorders, autism, and ADHD. You can visit the link below....

LiveStream the Conference

Posted on Mar 23, 2016 in blog | 0 comments

We are looking forward to our annual conference with much anticipation.  Some of you are able to join us in Danville and some have registered for the Livestream option. For those attending via Livestream: The materials will be shipped out priority mail this week. You will just need your computer. If you miss a session for any reason, you can access the sessions for 2 weeks after the conference. We will send everyone the link via email 48 hours prior to the conference. If possible, purchase unifix linking cubes in red, blue,yellow, black, and green, the games Blink, Qwitch, Spot It (any version) and Set from Amazon to participate in the...

Equipping Minds Conference Improve Memory, Learning, and Thinking

Posted on Mar 4, 2016 in blog | 0 comments

April 6-8 Danville, KY Or Join Us Via Live Stream World-Renowned Guest Speakers Joining Us Dr. David Martin, Rafaele Joudry, and Dr. Tracy Alloway Host Presenters: Carol Brown, Clayton Brown, and Kyle Brown The Equipping Minds Conference trains educators, parents, therapists, and other specialists in our cognitive development program which increases anyone’s capacity to learn. You will be provided with a proven set of exercises and interventions to increase processing, working memory, comprehension, and critical thinking through a hands-on approach. This conference is designed for those who want to implement this program into their school, private practice, learning center, workplace, adult living center, church, or home. Level 1 Certification...