April 6-8 Danville, KY
Or Join Us Via Live Stream

World-Renowned Guest Speakers Joining Us
Dr. David Martin,
Rafaele Joudry, and Dr. Tracy Alloway
Host Presenters: Carol Brown, Clayton Brown, and Kyle Brown

The Equipping Minds Conference trains educators, parents, therapists, and other specialists in our cognitive development program which increases anyone’s capacity to learn. You will be provided with a proven set of exercises and interventions to increase processing, working memory, comprehension, and critical thinking through a hands-on approach. This conference is designed for those who want to implement this program into their school, private practice, learning center, workplace, adult living center, church, or home.

Level 1 Certification in Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum for those who attend all three days. Certificate of attendance provided for CEU and PD Credits.

Equipping Minds Workbook and DVD Included

Equipping Minds of All Ages and Abilities
Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Gifted, Learning Challenges, ADD/ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Memory,Comprehension, Down Syndrome, Processing Disorders, Dementia, Executive Functioning, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Communication Disorders, and Neurodevelopment Disorders


* Identifying, Assessing, and Strengthening Cognitive Abilities for All Ages and Abilities
* Working Memory is the New IQ: How to Assess and Improve Memory
* Understanding the Mind of the Struggling Learner
* Improving Language Processing and Communication Skills
* Increase Thinking , Executive Functioning, and Problem Solving Skills
* Improving Visual Processing and Auditory Processing
* Visualize Letters, Numbers, and Objects to Improve Reading, Math, and Comprehension
* Classroom Connection to Writing, History, and Science
* Exercise, Nutrition, and Reflex Integration Therapy
* Exercises to Improve Working Memory
* Using Music to Change the Brain and Learning
*Integrating the Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum in your Classroom, Learning Center, Workplace, Adult Living Center, and Home