Rose’s Gains Continued and Generalized

We are continually asked if the brain training our students do will transfer to academics and if their cognitive skills will continue to progress. The answer is YES!

As you may recall from the March newsletter, I worked with Rose during her resource time for 9 weeks between the Fall and Winter MAP test and then 3 additional weeks through mid January. I intentionally did NOT work with her during the Spring to see if her gains would hold. As you can see they continued to increase, the pathways have connected!

This was far beyond what I had expected.

Fall Winter Spring Gains Reading 161 181 189 +28 Math 171 182 207 +36 Language 158 175 181 +23 Science Concepts 161 185 Science 168 184

Rose’s cognitive scores also increased in the areas of processing and working memory. The training transferred or generalized to all areas.