Equipping Minds Workbook:  Cognitive Development Curriculum Workbook and Training DVD

A day by day curriculum designed for cognitive development including working memory, visual processing, auditory processing, attention, logic, comprehension, and more. Cognitive development exercises with increasingly difficult levels. Classroom connection activities, instructional methods, and study skills included. This workbook is designed for use in the regular or special education classroom, clinic, or home environment. This is an updated and expanded version of our original workbook. Please contact Carol for special pricing if you have the 2012 edition.

Equipping Minds Student Workbook

New companion workbook for each of your students. Includes 54 activity pages that are included in the Cognitive Development Curriculum Workbook. Please ask about discount pricing for classroom orders by contacting Carol at cbrown@equppingminds.com.

Equipping Minds Workbook and DVD for Adults

Cognitive development training exercises to maintain a healthy brain, prevent memory loss, and strengthen your ability to receive, process, retain, and apply information. The workbook exercises have been used for college students, business professionals, and senior adults. Job performance, academics, relationships, communication, and life skills are all impacted positively.  The 2.5 hour training DVD is also included and demonstrates the exercises.

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