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Welcome to Equipping Minds in the Classroom! Designed to be used in conjunction with the Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum. This program was created to build a bridge from the one-to-one therapy model to the classroom. You will see numerous videos of Equipping Minds being done in the classroom.

Please know, this course is not meant to train you in the Equipping Minds games and exercises. I strongly recommend having the ROSES program which has over 500 step by step videos showing myself or an EM therapist working with a student. There are many additional handouts in ROSES which are not included in the teacher workbook. The professional development workshop is included in ROSES or can be purchased separately. You can also complete the EM certification program for our most in depth training.                                    

A few big picture principles to start:

  • “Hard is good,” but not TOO hard. The program will be difficult, much like a workout for your brain, but it is not meant to be impossible.
  • “We will do this together; I will help you.” You always want to model the exercise before asking the student to do it.
  • Everyone starts at the same place. You may be tempted to start high achievers at a more advanced step, but this will not benefit them in the long run. These students may progress more quickly through the program, or have faster times than other students to begin with, but every step is still valuable to them.
  • It’s more cyclical than linear. The steps are set up in a linear fashion for the sake of presentation, but the application will not be linear. In many cases students will be doing activities explained in the earliest steps throughout the program, in fact the speed at which they perform the earliest steps as they are completing later ones will be a measure of their growth.