Level 3 Certification Online Course



If you have completed Level 1 & 2 and have been using Equipping Minds, you can register for Level 3.

Level 3

1. Expand your knowledge of how to modify the exercises for children and adults as well as how to take the n-back exercises even further than you could have ever imagined!
2. We’ll go deeper into each exercise. SO MUCH HAS BEEN ADDED SINCE THE 2018 WORKBOOK WAS PUBLISHED!
3. Taking the TEN CATEGORIES to new levels.
4. Creative ways schools are using EM in the US and internationally.
5. Learn how to combat the impact of the pandemic. How to improve brain fog, smell, taste, processing, and language.
6. Understand how to communicate how EM impacts each academic area to parents and schools. There is a new Cognitive Abilities Chart for IEP’s and Cognitive Functions Chart.
7. Learn the newest research on cognitive training from an international perspective. The role of the Stroop Effect on executive functioning on learning and dyslexia.
8. Highlights from Dr. Brown’s chapter in Preventing School Violence.
9. Answer questions you have on implementing EM wherever you work. Carol will customize this to those who will be attending. You’ll be able to send questions before the conference which Carol will address.
10. Perfecting online tele-therapy and so much more.
11. Update on how EM is being used with adults with MCI, dementia, Post Covid Brain Fog, and with refugees.
12. Using the new EM Cards. We have been using the new cards 6 months and have numerous ways to play them.
13. Learn how to support children and adults who have experienced trauma and when to seek additional help and what the games reveal.
14. Highlights of how missionaries are using EM and how you can support them and implement where God has placed you.
15. Disability ministry and the church: the impact of cognitive formation on spiritual formation. Workshops for parents and seniors are being done by EM therapists.

There are so many things that we just can’t share in Level 1 and even in some of Level 2 until you’ve been using EM. We’ll be looking at those who have been using EM in schools, learning centers, but also some unique settings.

If you feel like you need a refresher of Level 1 & 2, please contact me for special pricing. You can watch the 2023 conference online at a reduced price.

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