Young Child Sound Therapy Program with headphones




A starter sound therapy program for children aged 0-7, created by Sound Therapy International. Introduce your kids to classical music while stimulating their language comprehension with stories and poems. 

The albums in the Younger Children’s Program are as follows: 
Garden of Dreams 1:01:27
¥ Exquisite musical selections for children by Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Delibes, Mozart, Bach and Brahms
Fairy Tales for Younger Children  1:00:29 
¥ Read by writer and former radio actress, Patricia Joudry, who has a remarkable ability to engage the interest of the young child
Let’s Recite 1:19:24
¥ Poems by great authors read by Patricia Joudry. Child learns rhyme, rhythm, and metaphor, which are important fundamentals of language. It comes with printed booklet so the child can read along.
Bonus Album Aboriginal Stories 1:01:40 
¥ Traditional Australian Aboriginal Stories by renowned Koorie story teller, Pauline McLeod
Bonus   —   Aboriginal Stories album –

Stories included:
¥ The Birds and the Rainbow
¥ The Flying Fox
¥ The Kookaburra and How We Got the Sun
¥ Why the Platypus is Special
¥ Brolga and How She Became a Dancing Bird
¥ Tiklik the Frog
¥ The Little Black Snake
¥ Why the Kangaroos Have Pouches
¥ The Frog and the Lyre Bird


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