Older Child Sound Therapy Program with USB/SD File and headphones




A starter sound therapy program for children aged 8-12, created by Sound Therapy International. The music and stories are specially selected for children this age. 

Our microSD card option opens up a lot of Sound Therapy listening possibilities. As long as you are using headphones, you can listen on:

  • your laptop or computer
  • your phone or tablet
  • a portable music player (eg. Mp3, Mp4 or iPod), that can play WAV files.

And, if you have our Sontegrity player, you can add new Sound Therapy files to it directly from the card.

Children’s Sound Therapy Instructions

Sound therapy for Auditory Processing

Sound Therapy Overview

Childrens Stories Catalogue 2010 List of Stories African Stories, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Native American in the Older Child

Music specially selected for children to develop their sense of rhythm and form, along with stories chosen to enhance perception, creativity, and language comprehension, all filtered with the Sound Therapy process.The sound therapy player comes pre-loaded with 5 albums of music and stories that your child will enjoy while the program helps to enhance ear and brain functioning. The albums in the Older Children’s Program are as follows:

Study Stimulator 1:03:55
¥ Music children will love, to help with concentration and learning. The music is by Strauss, Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Grieg, Chopin, and Pachelbel.
Calming Music 59:29
¥ Music to sleep or settle down to by Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Padrewski, Chopin, Muscagni and Debussy.
Grimm’s Fairy Tales 1:02:09
¥ Classic tales that educate about ethics, problem solving, and transformation, read by Patricia Joudry.
African Stories 1:02:05
¥ Folk tales that open cultural awareness and develop maturity, read by Mignon Lee -Warden.
Native American Indian Stories 1:01:08
¥ Native American tales of strength, courage, and magic, read by Patricia Joudry.


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