Adult Sound Therapy with USB/SD File and headphones




This is the starting point for all adult Sound Therapy listeners. The music in this program is gradually filtered to encourage rehabilitation of the auditory system in a gentle and progressive manner. Parents can listen along with their children and benefit in the areas of stress reduction, improved sleep, energy,hearing,tinnitus, and communication.

Our microSD card option opens up a lot of Sound Therapy listening possibilities. As long as you are using headphones, you can listen on:

  • your laptop or computer
  • your phone or tablet
  • a portable music player (eg. Mp3, Mp4 or iPod), that can play WAV files.

And, if you have our Sontegrity player, you can add new Sound Therapy files to it directly from the card.

Adult Sound Therapy book

Sound therapy for Auditory Processing

The music in the Listening Foundation Program is as follows:

Album 1 Gentle Massage 1:22:17
¥ Vivaldi 4 Concerti
¥ Rossini Quartet
¥ Mozart Violin Concerto
¥ Handel Harp Concerto
Album 2 Muscle Movement 1:40:20
¥ Mozart String Quartets
¥ Mozart Piano Concertos
Album 3 Ear Gymnastics  1:45:42
¥ Mozart Horn Concerto, Violin Concerto
¥ Bach Harp Concertos, Cello Concerto
¥ Vivaldi Cello Concertos
Album 4 Cilia Stimulation 1:16:42
¥ Mozart Horn Concerti
¥ Haydn String Quartets
Album 5 Gregorian Chant 1:19:27