We used to believe that the neural pathways of the brain were in place by three years of age and our personality was fixed by late adolescence. Injury, disease, and aging were also believed to be a downward spiral with no hope for change. Thankfully, we can now see our brains healing and adapting to challenges.  Neuroscience is now a field of optimism as we see the brain on screens with fMRI’s and PET scans.  Even the field of neurotheology is seeing the connections between spiritual experiences such as meditation/prayer and mental activity.

Neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson says, “What I mean by neuroplasticity is the fact that the brain is the one organ that is built to change in response to experience. Neuroplasticity is the most important general discovery in all of neuroscience in the last decade. More than your heart, your kidney, your liver, the brain is built to change in response to experience and in response to training.”

The typical model of treatment of once or twice a week for 45 minutes will not produce change. “Physical exercise once a week is just not going to cut it. And so why should this be any different? Some changes in the brain will only come about with extremely systematic, rigorous, serious practice.”

Read more about our summer brain training programs. Children and adults typically train 1-2 hours a day for 8-12 weeks.