Merry Christmas
from Equipping Minds
Christmas Brain Game: “Christmas Stroop”

I had a wonderful gift from Karen who attended the Improving Working Memory workshop in Virginia. She did a Christmas version of the Stroop animal game that is in my workbook and allowed me to share it with you!

Click Here to Play the Game!

Christmas stroop correct names

Christmas stroop wrong names

Christmas stroop
Follow these directions:

1-Read the page with the correct labels and time yourself twice
2-Read the page with the incorrect labels and time yourself twice
3- Read the Page with the incorrect labels but say the picture and time yourself twice                                  4-Read the page with no labels and time yourself twice
5- Alternate saying the picture and then reading the word on the next picture and time yourself twice.                                            The goal is to have all 5 times match. This may take a few weeks to achieve but don’t give up!

On the second level we are giving the brain wrong information to ignore. On the third level we are removing information that give clues to the brain.

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We hope you enjoying playing these games as a family and have a blessed Christmas.