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Welcome to R.O.S.E.S 2.0!

Please begin watching the Introduction videos and the Professional Development workshop. These are essential to prepare you to use Equipping Minds. You will also want to go to the MATERIAL tab under ROSES and download the sessions template, order of the animal chart, N-Back chart, Houses, and Presidents. If you are working with an EM therapist, they will contact you to begin sessions. If you are doing ROSES without online sessions and find that you need them, please contact me.  You will find the Maintaining Brains reflex exercises under the Course Videos.

Check out the videos below to get started.

 Reflex exercises, Maintaining Brains, are included in this section. 

Introduction Video

Lesson Plans

Please watch this Equipping Minds Session on the Equipping Minds Youtube Channel

Introduction to Course Videos
Equipping Minds Cards
Please watch to understand the Stroop Effect and N-back Training